My Story

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Dominique and it is nice to meet you.
As we meet today, I would like to be real with you and I sincerely look forward to hearing your story!

I don’t know if you know the song by Emmy Meli ‘I AM WOMAN’, but as I heard it the first time (like many women on this planet!), I was like ‘YES BABY! THAT IS ME!’:

‘I am woman, I am fearless
I am sexy, I’m divine
I’m unbeatable, I’m creative
Honey, you can get in line
I am feminine, I am masculine

I am anything I want
I can teach you, I can love you
If you got it going on ….’

Well… while I am woman, fearless, creative, successful, sexy and divine….

I’ve also been bullied, hurt, abandoned, overweight, abused, broke, rejected, cheated on, alone, exhausted, frustrated and heartbroken. I was called fatty in middle school. I am a child of divorce. I am a survivor of all forms of abuse.

I immigrated to the United States by myself at the age of 16 and just two years ago I re-immigrated to Germany, my home and yet a foreigner now. I am a divorcé myself. I’ve lost a lot in my life. 

I sustained many injuries during my years as a highly competitive athlete. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and I had to learn how to walk again having lost motor function of my right leg with no promise that I actually would be able to.

I’ve worked a lot in my life (sometimes three jobs at once just to make it another week). I cut onions at 6 a.m. in the morning, I dusted books in endless rows of shelves in an old library, I cleaned toilets at university in the middle of the night, I babysat, taught Ballet to toddlers. I was an assistant, secretary, assistant coach, salad maker, cleaner, customer service rep, glass business office manager, language tutor, grader, and and and …

I have lived in different countries, cities, houses, apartments. With different roommates, families, partners … and I have lived alone. I have traveled to many places, escaped an avalanche, hurricanes, tornadoes and survived earthquakes. I have made many decisions with difficult consequences. I have met many people: tall, short, skinny, fat, specially-abled, wise, boring, adventurous, narcissistic, egocentric, empathic, smart, annoying, famous, rich, poor. I have built houses in the slums of Tijuana und lived the high life in houses in Beverly Hills.

But the truth be told: I would not change ONE THING in my life!

Every situation, every circumstance, every single experience taught me important lessons, made me stronger, more resilient and more passionate. In the midst of lots of challenges, there was also a lot of beauty, a lot of hope and a lot of good.

I am deeply grateful for all those things and above all, I knew that I was NEVER alone. What carried me through and gave me strength was my faith and the promises in Psalm 23. I also had people who believed in me regardless of how many bad choices I made or how many times I fell. That made all the difference in the world.


There is always hope and I believe with all my heart that there is healing for every single person, no matter what our past looks like. Today is a new day and I am a walking testimony and example of the fact that transformation is possible, that living fully alive is an option and that every human being has extraordinary potential to thrive.

I am looking forward to hearing your story!