Team ‚Living Alive‘ – as part of ‚Team of the Year 2022 NowOrNever‘ – is a team dedicated to team work, integrity, loyalty, honesty, freedom, connection and kindness! Our motto is to become successful through focus on quality, sustainability, real needs of people and helping others to have a higher quality of life.

In partnership with LavaVitae, we are building a network of partners and customers to help spread the word of health and wellbeing through innovative, evidence-based, natural products and solutions. 

What you can expect!

Team Spirit

Every single partner on my team can always expect to be met with a spirit of one hundred percent authenticity. Passion and loyalty are two of my trademarks that always come first. My passion to help team partners develop their own strengths, promote their talents and reach their full potential, is my greatest goal in this business.

Personal Coaching

It is extremely important to me that I work personally and individually with each of my team partners. In personal coaching we determine how you can best use your strengths for your goals.

Team Coaching

Within the team there are weekly coaching sessions on a wide variety of topics, e.g. social media, mindset, business skills etc. The focus is always on your personal development!

Goal Achievement

Every partner of my team is accompanied, supported and challenged by me with the aim of reaching their goals. I am ready to go the extra mile and I expect my team to do the same. Like many before you, you will see that the effort is worthwhile and that a life of freedom is not only possible, but is waiting for you!

Training academy

Every team partner receives access to a wide variety of training resources including an online learning platform, customized app, the Massive-Action-Plan (MAP) and much more.


I believe in more freedommore self-determinationmore real joy in life and simply more abundance in all areas.
As a part of my team you will have the unique opportunity to work independently, be self-employed, yet never be alone!